What's In A Follow?

What's in a Follow?  All across the Internet we find the word FOLLOW and often receive requests to "FOLLOW ME". On Twitter FOLLOW allows a person to receive the messages of the FOLLOWED, but on a BLOG FOLLOWing means so much more than just receiving a message.

To FOLLOW on a blog means you support the blogger's efforts and posts. A FOLLOW also lends your support to the blogger by telling the world that you support the owner of the blog. Keep in mind that your blog FOLLOW is often viewed by other site visitors as your approval of the blogger's efforts. A FOLLOW says, "I enjoy this blog and believe you will enjoy it too."

Clicking the FOLLOW button allows your ID to receive notifications when the site is updated and puts your 'Stamp of Approval' visibly on the site. If you enjoy my writing and 'Approve This Message' (as politicians state in their campaign commercials) click the FOLLOW button and let your voice be heard.

In fact, a FOLLOW on any blog site let's the blogger know your visiting the site and are reading their posts.

P.S. Leaving a comment for a blogger is another great way to say, 'I'm here and reading'; bloggers love the interaction. To leave a Comment on most blogs, look for the word Comment below any post and click Comment. You can fine-tune your thoughts before posting by typing in the text window and then clicking Preview.

Thanks for visiting my site, providing your support with a FOLLOW and leaving a Comment when possible.

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