Monday, September 20, 2010

Interim (9/20/10)

Good day everyone, I hope everything is going well for you all. Sorry for being a way for a couple days, I’ve been creating a webpage for a men’s choir that I sing in. The job is not done, but the site is up and active. I have a few more things to change or add and it will be completed, at least for now.

Just an update, I am working on “SHUT-UP Part 3”, along with a piece for a follower on twitter (I am not sure if she’s following on the blog yet), and another short-story on autism for another follower. One person is supporting her Mother through some chemotherapy and as you probably know things can be quiet tough. While talking about it recently (actually we were tweeting) she obviously was stressed and I mentioned a couple things that might help with stress. During our discussion she agreed that it would be nice and I mentioned that I would write her a story, sort of a medicinal piece. Of course this discussion took place while I was working on “SHUT-UP Part 2” and there was no spare time. But there is now!

The other piece came to me this afternoon. Like I mentioned there is another follower that I’ve been in discussion with concerning 2 children that are dealing with autism, the sad part of the disease and the societal prejudices and treatment. I was touched by the fight the family is putting up for the rights of autistic people, so I decided to write something in support of this too.

I hope the new story lines interest you. If you’re familiar with my writing style you know that neither will be a report on the situations, I committed the storylines and my writing efforts to make each of the followers proud.

…And of course Part 3 is on the way, although I have to warn my anonymous guest that ask for the end, and commented something like, ‘How’s it going to end?’, that this might not be the end, or maybe it will be. Relationships don’t end in a half-hour, or even in a few hours. Just how long in real-time has the story line for “SHUT-UP” lasted anyway, an hour (maybe less)?

I just wanted to let my faithful followers know I’ve not forgotten you and the writing; something is coming in the next 24-48 hours.



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  2. cant wait to read all of these posts! very excited! i know theyll be great!

  3. What a nice blog you have here. It's very kind of you to use your talents to write stories for others. I'll be back again!

  4. Thanks Deanne for sharing your information. I have support for any manner and way my blog can be used to support others. I would also like to tell you that I appreciate your follow and support of my blog. I always get a charge out of the diversity of people that follow and support my story telling, thank you.

  5. Hello Brandy, thank you for following my efforts and lending your support and comments. I am always glad to read your thoughts, and perspective on my stories. Today I also have the chance to appreciate your anticipation of my upcoming efforts and thoughts. I am happy!!! :-)

  6. Hi Julie, thank you for following my blog and reading my personal thoughts (which are often tweaked, twisted, and altered into storylines). I really enjoy my readers' comments, tweets and emails about life; after all it is life’s excitement and challenges that make it possible for authors to explore “what-ifs”, “should’ves’, and our emotions. My blog gives me the chance to do just that and then conjure-up stories which cause me to think and hopefully prove of interest to my visitors/followers. I was glad to see your name in the comment box and look forward to future comments.