Friday, February 11, 2011

THE SEARCHER (entry 2)

(Read "entry 1" before this continuation.)

With eyes looking across the land
The Searcher shouted commands 
“Get Back! Do not advance! Keep your blades at the ready.”
Then ordered, "Defensive Stance!!”

His soldiers placed both feet on the ground
While pulling weapons directly in front of them.
The man holding the deceased's head laid it down
And instantly vanished before he could call out.

His brothers-at-arms
Trembled at the site.
Looked at each other
And one cried out.

“What happened? Where did he go?
He was there and something sucked him from our existence.”
For what happened had never been seen.
He had been pulled through some sort of screen.

A screen like a web, but not like smoke.
It was like the surface of a lake.
Only this magical lake 
Was standing straight like a mirror or gate.

It was as-if he was sucked through a wall
An opening appeared and then he was gone.
One man mumbled, “But did you see
A shadowy creature that was standing 3 meters tall?”

"I saw it," one said. “It had claw-like hands
And a hairy face.”
Another added, “Yes, it was like
A snout with two eyes and a penetrating gaze.”

The men continued to hold their positions
Swords at the ready.
The Searcher called out, "Light torches"
And motioned for all the party to stay ready.

A search of the immediate area
Provided no proof
Of what the party
Had witnessed, the sinister vision.

The only thing evidenced
That would prove the brother existed
Was the blood on the ground
And the horrid image that had visited.

A rustle in the brush could be heard
Followed by scurrying, maybe birds.
The search party continued to light torches
While looking through the woods.

In a few moments the animal sounds stopped
Except for a howl in the distance
The Searcher called out, "Stand down.
We seem safe, that must be someone's hunting hound."

Remembering the voice from before the attack
The Searcher said, "Prepare to move. This place may not be safe.
Collect your personal things, we have much ground to cover
Before we will see the day sky again."

The band of soldiers moved quickly through the night.
Other than being no enemy or creature to fight,
There was no peaceful plan. 
As instructed, they would remain low and close to the land. 

Searching for the princess was his intent
The men had been ordered to support him
And go where they were sent.

A few hours later as the sun rose the men sang a hymn.

"The Lord bless us and guide our way.
We have faith in the almighty one.
We are blessed and sing his praise
Our prayer is that with us he will stay."

The party had traveled 3 kilometers in the night
Many soldiers pondered what created their fright
They came upon a tall cross accompanied by burial mounds 
A place where many considered the dead to lounge. 

Thoughts of the soldier disappearing into the non-world
Frightened the most experienced soldier.
None had seen a person disappear before their eyes 
But memories of the hairy 'ghost' seemed to reside.

They sat up camp
Locals came out to greet
They traded for supplies
And cooked quite a feast

Then the questioning was resumed
Many had a blank look on their face.
But a few people had information
And wanted to claim their stake.

You see the King
Announced a financial purse 
For any assistance provided to
The Searcher for his daughter's return.

The Searcher was intrigued by what he heard
Talk of a shadow following a group
Several men had passed with a small figure in tow
Followed by a hulking man in the shadow.

The soldiers had been told of the two figures
As they had advanced on the princess.
How one had been hulking 
As he carried her away.

The Searcher was excited
Maybe they were getting close
He called out to his men
Almost in a loud, voice of boast.

"We can find her, We can find her!
We are close!
Quickly, thank our host.
Hurry, Hurry, Hurry to your horse!'

(continued) - posted 2/11/11


  1. When I read this, I felt trembled at the site with the Searcher's team.
    well done Andy... can't wait to read the continue story..

  2. Thank you Aline for visiting again and awarding me your time to read my writing. Your thoughts are appreciated.

  3. epic - and very fast moving story as a lyrical poem :)

  4. Thank you Uva for your keen review, I appreciate the time you've spent visiting my site.