Saturday, February 19, 2011


I saw you sitting there today.
Once a valuable part
Now not treated as such.
Society used you up
Took everything it could want
Then you changed 
For good or bad
And your value was less desired.
Turned you into a debt
A beggared
Not a prize.

So now you sit on the sidelines.

Who will help you?
Who will come to your rescue?
Who will pass you by…
Turning an unwanted eye… 
Away so to avoid… 
What seems to be an unwanted person?
A kind of person allowed to reach a sublime mark
And place on those around a demand.
No need to help you be whole, 
Or at least fit in.
Can you be whole?
Do you demand it?
Society's need for love and fixing is not to be complete
It is to get you on your feet, then leave you on your own.
It should be to bring you back into the fold,
Make you one of us rather than leave you one of them,
So you are once again 
Where and what you should be - US.


Just to explain, I was driving down a street today and saw a man in a wheelchair waiting for something, or someone. He had a heavy jacket on but was sitting in direct sunlight and it was hot!! My emotions just hit me and I had to pull off the street and sit in the car while I teared up and dealt with the images that flashed in my mind, this poem. I talked with him for a couple minutes, he had been to a doctor's appointment and was waiting for a scheduled pickup; so he was pushed to the edge of the street and left waiting (basically at the discretion and schedule of someone else). While reading my words I hope you experienced a sense of what I felt, it was not comfortable at the time and not while typing the words. You can make a difference in the life of someone, so do it whenever you have the chance.  Andy

Posted 2/19/11


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  2. Correction:
    Great text. I added the link to Dicas de Tupã page on Tribo dos Manaós blog (

  3. WOW, that was powerful. Good job!


  4. That was powerful, especially since this is me at the moment. Homeless, on the street, at the hands of my own mother. I have no idea what will happen to me, the not wanted one. Take care Andy.

  5. I loved this poem. Really, truly great!

  6. "Society's need for love and fixing is not to be complete
    It is to get you on your feet, then leave you on your own."

    This is quite poignant especially because it is so sadly true. Without patience from others in supporting you it is practically impossible to do more, be a success reaching and accessing one's full potential, than simply 'get you on your feet'. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful poem.

  7. Ajuricabat, thank you for reading my poem and sharing your thoughts (and my art on your site). Andy

    Ajuricabat, obrigado por ler o meu poema e compartilhar seus pensamentos (e minha arte em seu site). Andy

  8. GGR, we have shared tweets on a regular basis and my heart sank when I read your posts. I hope that you'll be able to turn this around and continue with your publication plans. Thank you for reading my blog posts and sharing with me,I will be watching for your posts and pray things improve. Drop me a note or tweet me, let's talk if you want.

  9. OCDGirl, thank you for the kind and encouraging words.

  10. Nichole, it is disturbing that society does not work to remove the challenges which handicapped and homeless people. Thank you for reading my poem and sharing with me.

  11. Very powerful piece! That stinging truth of humanity, you captured it very well.

  12. Thank you C.Rose for your comment, recognizing my effort and the unfortunate truth of humanity. :(

  13. This was very touching as I have a brother living on the streets in another city hundreds of miles away. My sister and I have both tried to help him but because of his mental health issues and not taking medications we have had challenges - tried to get help from the system, but they have failed miserably.

    I experience you as a man with a very caring heart for hurting people.

  14. Thank you 2Write for sharing, I feel your pain and concern for your brother. I understand that for many people on the street being consistent in acquiring and taking medication can be an issue. Thank you for the compliment and your time reading my writing, I will pray for your brother and that your family experiences success and love in the coming days.

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