Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is a continuing scene development adventure I've started while exploring methods of description. If you are up-to-date jump to the corresponding post number.

Post 1

Dripping water into darkness, and then more water. An echo of water dripping into what seems eternity and the echo of silence between the drips. Water moving without drips and without a cause. Coldness of air which does not drip but does move for no reason. Moving water but not touching water, washing the surface of non-water, water touching dirt. In turn water makes mud that slides against other mud and positions to meet water dripping…dripping to be combined but then considered separate. Cool mud, mud from a recent rain which drips, drips, drips.

Insects move across the top of the water, and surfaces chasing each other - gather and then scatter. Pooling over the moisture continues its movement, working with gravity, moving down toward the supporting surface. Mud, existing possibly for months or years, maybe centuries while waiting dormant for water, insects, and gravity continues its movement. Water runs down leaves as lightning cracks across the sky and thunder rumbles in the distance.

Post 2
Thunder continues like a banging timpani while moisture drips from the clouds. The bellowing sounds rhythmically resonate across the sky, between the exploding concussions of sound a steady drip of water from the surrounding foliage continues. The combination of the constant, melodic "Drip....Drip....Drip" with the other sounds form a natural symphony of musical quality unrepeatable by man nor nature...sounds only a supreme being would ever dream to create. As the thunder rumbles and the water drops from the clouds the repetitive dripping becomes muddled as a flood of moisture dropping from the sky drowns-out the cataclysmic booms.

The moisture runs from plant to surface to another surface to another plant the 'drip' is pushed into the constant background sounds of the orchestration. "Boom" leads to a "clash" and then to a "drip" to a "boom", continuing as if no end will be reached. The petals of small plants and buds in development, along with ‘soon to be’ blooms lean low to the surface, the water weighting each down toward the surface and watery mud which wait for each plant to feed the planet with nutrients.

Bending over, the plant stems struggle to maintain an erect stance but slowly the leaves give way to the weight of moisture and some new plant growth falls from the stem. The ever active stem growth realizes nutrients are available, however buds fall to the wayside allowing stems to pop back into their erect position while the water continues its flow down the stems. Water running downward ultimately reaches the surface, mixes with mud and wields a new combination, sludge. Ultimately this new sludge gives way to gravity and flows down the slopes of terrain.

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  1. New follower! I love your imagery! Don't you just love being a writer? *sigh*

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!