Saturday, June 12, 2010

Learning Things, Again???

Most everyone knows that we can learn from history. But how often do we actually learn anything? In the 70s Americans experienced a fuel shortage, sat in line at filling stations waiting for gas and paid a fortune while we sat there burning fuel to buy more fuel. In the late 50s our nation’s leaders squabbled over sending a rocket and men into space, while we watched the Russians beat us there with Sputnik. At the end of War World II we imported German scientists who had been developing our recent enemies’ “weapons of mass destruction”, who then developed the U.S. space program while the common man in our nation concentrated more on having fun and experiencing the pleasure of freedom. Even in the 50s, 60s, and 70s we learned that some wars act like a sponge consuming the nation along with its financial support.

Did we learn anything?

Well, we’re still living off the fuel of other nations, committing small sums of money on the development of alternate sources of energy while we continue to support other nations’ needs. Basically our nation gives away money with no intention to reap a return while we purchase fuel from many nations that continue to develop soldiers to attack and attempt to destroy our nation. Recently we’ve experienced a fuel leak in the Gulf of Mexico (which is predicted to be one of the worst national disasters ever) which will pull our nation further into a quagmire of uncertainty.

Now our nations is prepared to shutdown the NASA manned space program and pay other nations, many that have been our enemies in the past to transport NASA astronauts into space; and all of this has been planned with the understanding that at some point the decision could be made to not transport our astronauts again. And all this is done with no expectation of leading the way into space or seeking any type of return on investments that the nation made to get everyone else into space (and to the space station).

As a nation we continue to sacrifice our role as a leader in the field of science – instead we let our meager decisions, or lack of decisions develop a nation of service personnel. Our efforts are developing a working class of future service employees and a leisure life so more cell phones can be purchased and our youth can feel good when they text friends with the fastest fingers in the neighborhood. This is all creating an ‘unnatural’ sense of comfort while we continue to allow our youth to think that the development of an electronic relationship is OK. I don’t mean to say that we shouldn’t care for others and help nations that can’t take care of themselves.

But things are repeating in many different ways!

History is the best teacher, but as a nation we spend so much time trying to be politically correct and ensuring that no one is offended, we continue to repeat history instead of learning from it. Many people that can make a difference seem to be more concerned about their public appearance and image when in fact, there are many people who think the same way, but their waiting for someone else to make a difference.

For the record I’ll just say that America seems to be repeating history, not learning from it. Let’s not forget this subject, I will visit it again.

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