Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oil Rig and the President (Part 2)

Note: Please read Part 1 (posted June 16) before starting here.

The President looked at the agents and commanded, “Get back. Somebody take a sample of that oozy oil substance for the lab to examine”.

A 9-year-old girl named Nikki had been invited to sing the ‘National Anthem’ before the President’s meeting at the beach. She stepped forward and said, “Let me do it. I’m young but I know what it means to sacrifice for the country”.

The President said, “Is there not a grown-up in the room that will do this”?

A couple ladies in a corner of the room mumbled amongst themselves and hesitantly one moved forward. The moaning outside the door had not stopped and her decision to volunteer seemed to have been curbed. This was evident in the fact that her steps toward the door slowed and then stopped. Tears began to stream down her face as she began to mumble, but only “I….can’t…….oh my” could be heard as she moved back into the shadows.

Then Nikki walked over to the President. “Mr. President, your to important. Let me do this”. The President remarked that she was wise beyond her 9-years and commanded the Secret Service agents to move over to the door. Meanwhile he picked-up the girl and stepped back to the corner with the ladies.

No one moved. The only sound in the room was that of a lady’s voice that softly, hesitantly called across the room, “Nikki, come back over here and stand with me”, which was followed by a statement that seemed to strike everyone like a plank across the forehead, “She’s not my daughter, but I’ve got kids that are 9-years-old and she is braver than most anyone in this room”.

“I’m her Mother and really proud of her” another lady said.

The President put the girl down on the floor and motioned for her to move back over with her Mother. Nikki started to move slowly across the room, but then abruptly ran to the door and slung it open.

Standing directly in front of her was the form of a something with two arms, two legs and what appeared to be a dark head which gazed around the room and then moved in the direction of the young girl in what seemed to be an aggressive motion. She raised an arm overhead in a defensive stance as the form moved forward with its arms outstretched.

Nikki screamed and raised her hands higher while several people in the room could be heard moaning things like “No”, “Oh no”, and “God help us” as the dark figure continued to move in the direction of the girl with outstretched appendages that appeared to be soaked in oil.

A Secret Service agent raised his standard-issue SIG .357 handgun and took aim while another agent grabbed the girl’s shoulder and started to pull her away from the attacker. A volcanic roar erupted from the pistol, “Whomp---Whomp---Whomp” as he leveled 3 shots directly at the dark figure.

The oily mixture covering the body reacted to the shots and splattered across the room onto the faces of Nikki and the two agents, and then continued with an irregular and unpredictable splatter-pattern across the room, finally reaching the feet of the ladies who were standing in front of the President. The attacking creature turned toward the agent while another “Whomp” rang out. The 9mm bullet projectile struck the figure and the advance was immediately interrupted.

A loud, “NO” left the creature’s mouth as the body dropped to the floor.

The President stepped forward, took a deep breath and said, “Did you hear it say something? Is it dead”?

One agent, wiping the gooey, black oil from his face holstered his weapon and walked slowly toward the motionless figure. As he reached down the black substance seemed to ooze from the mouth and ears of the figure. The slimy substance continued to fall away from the body as gravity served to undress the creature’s skin and reveal a less-conspicuous and less-mysterious form.

The agent looked at the President while commenting, “I guess checking for a pulse is the only way to know for sure”, and he reached down searching for a wrist. “There is no pulse, but how can I really be sure this thing is like us and ever had a pulse”?

Someone shouted, “Check for a jugular”. At that moment blood began to dribble out of the creature’s mouth and the anterior wounds in the chest cavity.

The agent looked up and said, “It’s got red blood”. He wrapped a hand around the scruff of the neck and placed a thumb where he could check for a pulse. “There’s nothing”, he announced to the room.

The agent immediately noticed that not only did the creature have hands and what appeared to be fingers; it had a RING on the fourth digit of the left appendage. It was then he realized this could possibly be human. “It’s a person” he exclaimed, “We killed a man. Oh my God, what have we done?” he asked himself, and everyone in the room (he was probably asking God too).

The second agent, along with the President ran to his side as they mustered the courage only one man and young girl had demonstrated when it counted. Both checked for a pulse to no avail, while the others in the room surrounded the President and both agents as they gazed down at the body.

“Who is it?” someone asked.

“Why didn’t he say something?” another questioned.

After a few minutes of examination and a futile attempt at wiping away the gooey substance a shriek came from one of the ladies in the room.

“No, No, No, it can’t be!”

Another voice added, “I bet he knew what to do. He could have saved us”.

But before anything more could be done the President noticed something that had been overlooked, “The door is opened. Close that door now”!!!

Both of the Secret Service agents sprinted for the door, it had to be secured immediately.

(Continued?? --- if anyone would like to read more on this storyline post a comment.)


  1. I like the storyline. I read the first post but I like the second entry even more. I'll be waiting for the next installment.