Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scared Young Man

I had the chance earlier today to listen to a seasoned preacher talk about his early days in the ministry. It was surprising, although it shouldn’t have been, to hear him talk about the first day that he spoke in front of a church and how scared he was that day. It sounded like he prayed in earnest for divine intervention and leadership so that he could provide the perfect sermon. To write a storyline like that would involve the human side of a person and the fact that, though he knew that perfection could not be not achieved (Dove soap is about as perfect as it can get), for a moment as a young person he really thought that it could happen if he prayed hard enough. As he spoke today it was obvious that the “seasoned veteran” now knows that he can not make it happen, and now more than ever realizes that divine leadership is the only possible thing that can direct him in delivery of a sermon.

I hear people pray for help all the time. Help to win a game, help so that an operation goes well, help that will make something else end up in the favor of the ‘prayee’ - almost all religious individuals, no matter what the religion feel that their “God” will help them. But in the end, “God” decides what is going to happen and how it will all end. But one thing that is obvious to everyone is that there is plenty of “bad” in the world and everyone that believes in divine guidance and protection needs to pray.

This type of storyline has been done over and over by different authors. Someone needs help, people become concerned, and some how we as authors solve the problem. As writers each resolution is based on our perssonal beliefs, how the intervention develops does not have to come from fact. But rather it can be developed out of our many observations of the world and the people around us. If we as the author develop the solution based on a particular religion or recognized belief we better have the facts straight or readers will rule the day.

Be careful when your writing involves this type of subject matter. ;-)

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