Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Once upon a time I knew a couple that had an amazing weekend. It was a warm, almost hot Friday afternoon and Thomas was at work laboring away, trying to complete what he considered mundane tasks. He knew that being a molecular engineer was an impressive profession but often felt that he was stuck in a drudgery filled position. Thomas occasionally caught himself in a state of boredom and considered his entire life one big, dull moment.

(Like today)

But just like a slap upside his thin face, Thomas would remind himself that not everyone was designing a molecule that could ultimately cure Cancer. Considered a guru by experts in the field Thomas knew that when he had a good idea, it was a good idea. But at the same time, being a low-key kind of person he always pushed accolades aside and considered his life all about the science.

It was 2pm and the day seemed to be dragging slower than the last Friday. ‘Tick-Tick-Tick’, the clock seemed to be counting down the moments of his life. ‘Tick-Tick-Tick’, the clock ticked louder than his heart as yet another minute was gone, never to be reclaimed. Worse than a ‘watched pot’, watching time pass him by was more like watching an artery with cholesterol, thinning the life right out of his body. ‘Tick-Tick-Tick’, could it get any worse?

In the time it took the clock to slowly reach the end-of-day Thomas had drifted off at his desk, gone to the restroom three times, eaten a bag of chips and walked past Mary’s desk two, or maybe three times. He had gone out with Mary several times before he married Rena. During all his day-dreaming Thomas wandered past Mary’s desk, and when he could no longer stand it planned to walk by in reality.

Reality was nice today; Mary was wearing a short, red skirt with boots and a necklace hanging low around her neck. Since their dates he always felt sort of awkward they had a chance to talk but today he felt double-awkward. The short skirt was the same one she wore the day they met and the slit up the left-side drove him crazy; he had requested it be worn on one of their dates. He knew that he should man-up, walk over and mention the necklace. This would allow him the chance to talk with her and admire her face up close and personal.

Late that afternoon, 10-minutes before he was supposed to leave for home Thomas accomplished this personal mission. The regular delivery person came by the office with a package that was labeled, but with no name or department identification. Thomas took this as the opportunity to chat with Mary when he walked over with the delivery guy. She opened the package and directed the delivery to the necessary desk. As a courtesy she told Thomas to look her up if he needed help in the future.

He enjoyed the warm rush of acceptance this provided him and momentarily considered that a hottie like Mary was open to further discussion. He quickly convinced himself that the acknowledgement was not all that he was making out of it. But while turning to walk back to his desk Mary brushed him ever so lightly on the left-shoulder and the insides of this grown man shook like an earthquake in China. If he didn’t have responsibilities at work and home, control would have been thrown out the window.

Making it back to his desk Thomas picked up his jacket and car keys then headed out the door. Now he was making all effort to not cross paths with Mary. Sliding into the front seat of his automobile Thomas headed toward the interstate with the intention of getting home. Just as he pulled onto the interstate Rena called and asked that he pickup some Chinese takeout and head over to Mark and Toni’s house. He was informed that the couple was going to be out of town and the two were invited to house-sit, enjoy the pool and a 55” widescreen, high-definition, flat-screen television.

Thomas considered the possibilities. He would pick-up a couple movies and stop at the grocery for some cold sodas before getting the Chinese food (it would get cold sitting in the car). Further developing his plan he considered running by the house and picking-up some clothes for the weekend but after checking back with Rena he learned that his wonderful wife was light-years ahead of him, she had already pulled together some clothes for both of them.

So he was set – movies, sodas, and then head over to a large pool with a Jacuzzi, and a super screen television. Following his internal guru-type thinking his plan clicked-off like clockwork (now the clock was ticking in his favor). Traffic was also in his favor; when he got to the video store the parking lot was acceptingly empty. Movies? - Check!

Driving through three intersections and four left turns, Thomas momentarily considered how left turns are such a waste of time compared to right-turns, and suddenly he was in the parking lot of the grocery. Uncharacteristically the parking lot was almost empty and when he entered the building it was strangely obvious that there were no Mothers walking around with young, crying children. This was a little odd considering that every time he had visited the grocery, or other public areas it seemed like there was at least one small child crying, arguing with a parent or running with endless abound through crowds.

He picked-up some sodas and heading to the front of the grocery noticed some small cakes with swirly innards and dipped in chocolate. The cakes had to go home with him for a midnight snack.

Sodas? Check! Dessert? Check!

With his bag of goodies in tow Thomas headed out and slid back into his automobile. Now he was set for a weekend of movies and snacks. He considered the fact that he might do a little work, but that never seemed to be a problem for Rena. She always had something that kept her busy so it would be no problem while he watched movies and played video games.

While continuing his drive Thomas pushed a CD into the player and turned up the sound. “Bum---bum---Bum” went the rhythm of the music. His shoulders bumped up-and-down while his head jutted out and in, to the beat. When the music whaled-away he raised his chin and joined the tune, singing the words.

It was freedom; no telephones, no boss and no expectations. If only his dreams could be real then dreams would not be needed. If he could talk to Rena and let her know how he felt she would once again be his dream girl that he married, but things had changed.

He continued to drive, bumping with the music and just enjoying the time. On his mind was the fact that there was only 20 minutes left before he reached the exit for the big screen television.

Thomas pulled up in the driveway and turned off the engine, pushed the door open, grabbed his shopping bags and headed up to the door. Walking toward the house caused him to walk past Rena’s Ford Expedition. Thomas decided to do a little CIS type work and brush his hand across the hood of the vehicle – it was cold, Rena must have arrived some time ago. He thought about it for a minute and wondered why she hadn't offered to pick up the food.

About 20 meters later and he was at the door knocking with a rap-rap-rap and then he pushed the doorbell a couple times. The last time he pushed a doorbell was before they were married, it was an odd feel but he flashed back to the days when he and Rena dated. He waited a minute, pounded a little harder, tapped his foot on the ground and switched the bags to his other hand before the blood was cut-off in his fingers.

A few seconds passed, the dead-bolt turned, the door swung open and his eyes found Rena standing in the doorway in black lingerie.

Rena said, “I’ve been thinking back to when we were a little younger and just married. Come inside”.

Today’s blog post was my personal assignment to write something more intimate and with almost no conversation. Let me know what you think. If there’s something you would like to assign me to write about just let me know.

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