Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today's entry is a poem I wanted to share with my blog team. My journal collection consist of poems I've written over the years, this one was completed on April 23, 2006. What do you think?


Shhhh you tell me,
There's no time to talk,
There's no time to hug,
There's not even time for a walk.

No time to know,
What I'm all about,
No time to know,
If we can work it out.

Life's moving fast,
There's a lot to do,
A lot to fix,
You had to save fuel.

You couldn't be bothered,
Enough to drop by,
To understand what was happening,
It caused me to cry.

To know that you don't care,
Not even for me,
Causes me to wonder,
What will it be.

What will it be like for you one day,
When you come back to talk,
And you cry,
When I say Shhhhh.....?

Andy Bryant
April 23, 2006


  1. I love the melancholy feel of this poem. One can sense the hurt feelings from your words. Loved it!

  2. It was nice to read your comment and that you were able to connect to the meaning of the poem. Thank you for taking the time to record & share your thoughts