Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Attack On Our Country

The United States is under attack! This attack is taking place in front of you every day, yet you do not realize it. Savvy military and government officials know what is happening but can not stop it. In fact, they are put down and fired from long-standing positions for trying to make others aware. Even more important is the fact that newspaper personnel are convinced there is no attack taking place – and it’s newspaper types that discovered it.

It’s hard to believe - the information has become so convoluted that the people who stumbled onto it 8-10 years ago are now convinced that nothing is happening. It’s for that reason that I want to share my information before it’s discovered I'm in on the plan.

Those of us who are aware of the plan know the global economic downfall the government conjured up is actually the true cause of the problem. Our leaders have been blinded by the push to be politically correct, and in-turn provided our enemies the rights of citizens.

Take for instance, when a terrorist tried to ignite an explosive in his shoe, local and federal officials offered him the rights available to citizens, not enemies. It is this belief and action by our government that deflects the attention and scrutiny away from their actions and truth, allowing the enemy to go undetected and free to continue the attack.

The attack was first noted in 2001 when several U.S. citizens became ill and no clear cause was found. More than 200 people developed nausea, throwing-up, chills, and mental fatigue that were never related to any particular cause. A few years later, in 2006 hundreds of Chinese villagers were hospitalized in what was rumored to be lead poisoning. In 2007 it was announced that more than 80 percent of the world’s toys were produced by China and that many contained lead poisoning.

During that same year, on September 11 China announced it would no longer allow lead to be used in toys leaving that country. But yet 2-years later, to the date a small news story came out of China that described villagers taking charge of a smelting plant in China, while destroying materials and equipment as a form of revolt because of unhealthy practices. However, the story did not hit mainstream newscasts or reach the general public in America. The information seems to have been pushed aside in other countries before rounding the globe.

A subversive, sneak attack against the country's health.

So, while your traveling across the United States this year watch for warnings of lead poisoning in things such as action figures (recently Chinese produced action figures were recalled from a fast-food burger chain in the United States). Also watch for warnings and recalls of items such as contaminated food materials, including dog food and building materials.

When you discover a situation ask yourself, why are items allowed into the country with insufficient review before making it into the U.S. supply & demand chain? Why do Americans allow contaminated food products into the country, yet provide millions of dollars to support our enemies?

America is under attack right under our noses. In order to prevent this all countries should be held to the same standards, holding our country to higher standard while holding other countries to a, "look aside" mentality benefits other countries. This is creating an unsafe market standard while allowing our country to be attacked each day.
For this post my intent was to use a narrative format, with no direct quotes and to present known facts to conjure-up a story. Did you believe the post while reading?

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